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We saw more traffic to our website than ever before last year. And in case you missed them, here are the five most clicked-on articles from 2022.  


No. 1: Dig In

Creative sustainable landscaping is possible with the right plan, plants, and passion—and the U’s Red Butte Garden can help with all three.

Can you have a yard that’s both wonderful and water-wise? Absolutely, say experts at the U’s Red Butte Garden. And with Utah’s booming population and long-term drought, conserving water is more crucial than ever. Learn how you can act by planting a climate-appropriate garden without sacrificing beauty.

Discover Utah-specific plants, as well as some tips and tricks, to help transform your yard into a beautiful water-conscious landscape.


No. 2: Revitalizing Japantown Street

Reinvigoration of Salt Lake City’s remaining Japantown provides new opportunities for the future while honoring and remembering the past.

Salt Lake City’s Japantown was once a bustling neighborhood spanning several city blocks, with businesses, schools, and social spots. But urban renewal and cultural erasure diminished it to one stretch of a single street. Now, U alumni and community members have saved this meaningful area from near extinction—and they have big plans for its revitalization.

Learn more about what’s in store for Salt Lake City’s Japantown.


No. 3: The Time is Now

Take a glimpse into what guides our new president from sunup to sundown.

What is it like to be president of the University of Utah? For Taylor Randall, it’s a daily balance of shooting for the stars and linking students and leaders to get there. Take a look at what makes the U’s 17th president tick, from early in the morning until late at night. 

Read more about President Randall’s vision for the U.


Nurses Needed

The country is running out of nurses. The U is here to help. 

The United States is facing a critical nursing shortage. And as the demand for care continues to far outstrip the supply, an already stressed workforce is facing increased pressure on many fronts. See how the U is taking charge and expanding its nursing program to help meet health care needs.

Find out more about what the U is doing to train the next generation of nurses.


Play Ball

For one night each year, a sea of red floods Coors Field in Denver for Utah Night at the Rockies.

Normally, red is an uncommon color to see at the purple-and-silver Coors Field stadium in Denver. But for one night of the season when Utah fans pack the ballpark, it’s hard to miss. For more than 15 years, the University of Utah Colorado Alumni Club has hosted a Utah night at the Colorado Rockies. The event, started by team co-owner Charlie Monfort BS’82, attracts hundreds of U fans from Colorado, Utah, and other neighboring states—including the university president.

Read more about the annual event.


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