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Seven Canyons

Many readers have shared their enthusiasm for the efforts that started as a capstone project and led to a nonprofit focused on unearthing streams in Salt Lake City [“Beneath the Surface,” Fall 2021].


I have often thought that it was a shame that all those creeks flowing into Salt Lake City were covered up. One of the things that makes European cities so lovely are the rivers that they are situated on. How great it will be if all seven SLC “rivers” are revealed.

Huge kudos to Brian Tonetti and all the collaborators on this complex and worthwhile effort! Three Creeks Confluence Park is an incredible asset to surrounding neighborhoods, Salt Lake City, and the wildlife we share our urban spaces with.

Working the Runway

The profile on ice-skating drag queen alum Cordero Zuckerman—aka Denali Fox [“Ice Queen,” Fall 2021]—has become one of the most popular stories on our website and elicited dozens of comments, including some of the following. Not all were attributed, so here is just a smattering of the positivity.

That’s our gurl out here slaying! Can’t wait to see her live. I’m gay and I went to the U nearly 30 years ago. If you would’ve told me back then that the alumni magazine would one day feature a multi-racial queen in full drag I wouldn’t have believed you. Brings joy to my little gay heart.

Yaas!!! Denali is fabulous! I’ve seen her in Chicago. I had no idea she was a U alum. Makes me love her that much more.

Denali, your achievements and perseverance are remarkable. Thank you for what you are modeling to others about what is possible. You’re gorgeous!

Slay, queen! Cordero is a sweetheart! Next time put the drag queen on the cover, Utah Magazine! You know our Denali is a straight up covergurl!

Werk it, Denali!

Denali makes me proud to be a U alum.

History Comes Alive

Here, just a few of the responses to “Tales from Yesteryear” [Fall 2021], which shared stories of those interred in the Fort Douglas cemetery on campus.

I believe keeping the history of all is so important. If we don’t have our history, we really don’t have anything. Thank you for this article. For all who lost their lives, including the Shoshone, may God bless them.

Pleased to read this. I’m a grad of the U, but my father was Maj. Gen. M.B. Kauffman, who helped save the fort from destruction in the 1970s, and who founded the Fort Douglas Military Museum (the original building it’s in is named after him). My Dad could have been buried at Arlington but chose the fort’s cemetery for his final resting place. Keeping the fort’s history and legacy alive was central to him.

Social Spotlight

Meet the Crimson Outing Club. This student-run group organizes outdoor activities around the state, including this one last fall on the Salt Flats.
Find them on Instagram @crimsonoutingclubuofu to join their next adventure.


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