Ascent to Excellence

In my nearly two decades at the University of Utah, I have witnessed remarkable transformations. But I have never been more excited about the future than I am right now. Our move to the Big 12 athletic conference is an opportunity for the U to showcase our talent, athletically and academically, to large audiences across a wider swath of the country.

Joining the Big 12 comes at a time when we are evaluating our overall growth and momentum, a moment perfectly aligned with our new strategic planning process—Impact 2030. We want the U to continually serve and respond to the evolving needs of our changing state. That’s why we’ve set bold goals: to grow our student body, raise graduation rates, enhance job placement, and boost research funding. Our vision is to improve the lives of all Utahns and redefine societal impact in higher education.

Impact 2030 is a campus-wide collaboration to evolve our university and position it for future success. This means rethinking how we support our students and faculty, how we serve patients and the community, and how the evolution of our physical campus contributes to our mission. 

During our data-gathering phase this spring, we explored what it means to truly lead and innovate in academia. We considered major challenges facing higher education and discussed new approaches to propel us forward. The involvement of U alumni has been instrumental—many of you participated in our strategy sessions and answered surveys, providing valuable insights that will help shape the U’s strategic plan.

I’m incredibly optimistic about what lies ahead. The rollout of Impact 2030 is just around the corner, promising to enhance the U’s relevance and the value of our degrees. And I can’t wait for our first season in the Big 12. We’re ready to make some noise, reignite old rivalries, and showcase our vibrant energy.

The University of Utah has never been stronger, and our future has never looked brighter. Thanks for being on this journey with us. 

Go Utah!


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