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Fall Issue

I devoured the magazine! Pages ripped out for my teenager, photos of pages sent to colleagues, pages saved for my COVID-19 journal. Great content.

I’ve noticed a profound shift in the quality of the magazine. Even the tactile quality seems to have improved. The layout, features on individuals, and focus of the articles is as good as any magazines I’ve read, and I love magazines. The features around current matters, especially EDI, dang near brought me to tears. Good job, folks.

Drop and Cover

In our Fall feature “Our Fault,” we shared how the U responded to a startling earthquake in the midst of a pandemic. And readers had their own experiences to share.

I experienced a 4.5 magnitude in the early 1980s in the same area, but the intensity of this one was truly tenfold. Violent and loud! I’ve never had anxiety issues, but this quake resulted in months of strong PTSD symptoms. Just recently have I started to feel better. The pandemic truly exacerbated this experience, not only from a stress standpoint, but also due to the fact that my fight-or-flight response was fully engaged. You can’t fight an earthquake, but due to the pandemic, there was no flight either.

I can imagine that it was a very scary situation. I felt a 4.7 many years ago as an aftershock to the Big Northridge, CA, quake in 1994. It felt like the house was being raised and dropped from five feet in the air!

Debate Highlight

The Fall issue of Utah Magazine had an unusual and exciting audience: all the VIPs attending the vice presidential debate. The magazine was part of the kit given to 5,000 members of the media, lawmakers, and politicians in town for the big event. The cover story, “Opposing Arguments,” was cited on several newscasts and in news articles as media explored the same question as the feature—do debates change people’s minds?

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