The U’s Own Monet

David Meikle

You’ve seen his artwork on the Welcome to Utah signs as you drive into the state. And you’ve probably strolled past it at the City Creek Center mall and Salt Lake City Airport. You may have even bought one of his postcards from the 2002 Olympics. But what you may not know is that the artist behind these memorable landscape paintings is an alum and a nearly 30-year employee of the U.

David Meikle BFA’94 MFA’06 has worked for his alma mater as a graphic designer and now art director while he honed his skills as a landscape painter on the side. “I love the red rocks and the mountains. I love painting what I live with, what I understand, and how I see the world around me,” he says. A few of his paintings are shown here.

Another place you’ve seen his work is as a designer and illustrator for this very publication on and off since 1992, just a year after its inception as Continuum magazine.

Web Exclusive Gallery


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  1. Wonderful to see David featured here! I loved seeing his colorful artwork on University publications back in the early 90s, and we’ve been big fans ever since. My kids can all recognize his style, and sometimes as we see a beautiful Utah landscape out the window as we’re driving, one of them will say “Hey, that looks like a David Meikle painting.” David’s a gifted artist who has honed his talents well!

  2. We have family in Virginia, Arizona and Utah and we all own David Meikle paintings.
    They remind us daily of the beauty of the West. Thank you, David!

  3. Now here’s an article I want to read! A fellow graphic designer (BFA 85) You highlight the best of UTAH in such a clean, beautiful way.

  4. I’ve known Dave for almost 40 years. I remember even in high school he was an incredible painter. He can paint signs, too! That’s how we met. Painting signs in a grungy, noisy basement of an old grocery store. I always enjoyed painting with Dave.

  5. Dave- A lot of water under the bridge since we last visited. I was so pleased to some of your work again. Hard to believe you’ve been at the U for nearly 30 years. You’ve got me by eight years. Best wishes, and continue to make us proud of you.

  6. It’s been many years since we last visited, Dave, but I have followed the rise and expansion of your career with considerable interest. Thank you for your early-day contributions to the magazine, and now for your distinguished work that reflects so well on the University and the state itself. Keep making us proud.

    (“By” Sims was founding editor of Continuum back in the day.)

  7. Dave, you are such a gifted artist. I was thrilled to see this article. Kudos and best wishes to you!

  8. All the way from Florida, your artwork reminds me of the beauty of Utah. I miss the U and those magnificent mountains you capture so well in your art. You are a terrifically gifted artist who sharing his skills and expertise. Go Utes!

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