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Meet Our New President

Many of our readers offered a warm welcome to President Taylor Randall HBA’90 after reading the profile on him last issue [“The Time is Now,” Winter 2022].

So impressed with President Randall. I’ve known him since his days at Wharton and knew he would be amazing. He truly wants the best for his students and faculty.

I enjoyed this biosketch immensely. President Randall’s paradigm, “being able to invest in working for others,” is worth emulating.

Way to go, president! I was so excited to see him promoted to president. I knew him when I was a student at the business school. He was always a great support to me. He once lent me $5 to buy a Coke, and I never paid him back. I still owe you, Randall!

International Experience

A photo of the 600-year-old Bukchon Hanok Village [“Going Global,” Winter 2022] not far from the U Asia Campus in Incheon, South Korea, brought out memories and some wanderlust.

Being a proud U alum and someone living here in beautiful South Korea, we have visited this campus, and it is impressive. What an opportunity for students to live abroad in this amazing country with so much to do and see. There is something for every interest. South Korea is a fun mix of both modern and historical. The Korean people are respectful, honorable, fun, and kind, and we feel very safe here. Attending school at the U Asia Campus is a fantastic opportunity, and I recommend checking it out.

History Comes Alive

After our highlight of molecular biologist Janet Iwasa [“Visualizing Tiny Worlds,” Winter 2022], the more curious among our readers dove into her work, watched examples of her astounding animation, and shared their appreciation for learning a little bit more about the building blocks of our world.

This was truly incredible! Adds a totally new level of understanding to cell biology. It’s mind-boggling to see the coordination of all these molecular machines. I am really happy I found this. Thanks for your work.

Social Spotlight

When lifelong football fan Welles Farrimond, 9 (left), was given a choice to go trick-or-treating or go to the U game against UCLA on Halloween 2021, there was no hesitation. He donned his homemade Swoop costume and cheered the team on as the Utes beat the Bruins 44-24. “He really is the biggest Utah Football fan,” says mom Keira. “He even signs his homework as ‘Baby Swoop.’ ”


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