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Reinvigorating Historic Areas

An article about alumni and others helping to revive Japantown in Salt Lake City [“Restoring Historic Japantown,” Summer 2022] became one of the most visited and commented posts ever on our website.

I grew up there! My parents and grandparents ran Sunrise Fish Market and Mihoya Confectionery. It was a grand time of community, struggle, and successful businesses. Everyone up and down the street took care of us. We were forced to move and the buildings were torn down in 1968. It was the center of Japanese and Japanese American entrepreneurship, identity, and contribution to Salt Lake City.

Great article and thank you to you all who helped make this happen. I am half Japanese (in Hawaii we say “hapa”). I didn’t even know Salt Lake City had a Japanese street. My grandma’s family had something similar happen in San Francisco. They lost their store and home after being relocated to Minidoka Camp in Idaho during WWII. A tragic time for Japanese Americans, my children were surprised to hear this happened in the U.S. Sadly, some people still feel it didn’t happen. 


Health Care Help

The country is facing a critical nursing shortage—and as we reported, the U is here to help by expanding its program by 25 percent [“Nurses Needed,” Fall 2022].

I am a 20+ year registered nurse who currently works full time in the insurance industry. My thoughts to add hope to the nursing shortage is to allow for retired nurses and nurses looking for weekend work to be welcomed back and staff noncritical areas, as long as they have active licenses. This would allow seasoned nurses the gratification to take on patient care in areas where they feel comfortable working.


We recently caught up with Claybourne Elder BA’06, who has had roles in Emmy- and Tony Award-winning shows on Broadway and TV [“Stage and Screen,” Fall 2022].

Oh, I’ve been enjoying Gilded Age! I didn’t know he was one of “us” [a U alum]! This was so fun to read. Very proud of his success.

Social Spotlight

To help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Veterans Day Commemoration on campus, we wrapped the iconic Block U—and it went viral online. An Instagram post with this photo quickly became one of our most popular of all time, reaching tens of thousands. We’re grateful to all who serve.


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