Serving the New Utah

Our great state is changing. We’re at a pivotal moment, facing new problems and opportunities as our population grows and ages, our economy booms, and our society becomes more diverse. At the University of Utah, we are committed to meeting the challenges of the “New Utah.” We’re innovating for Utah and preparing students for the jobs of today and tomorrow, ensuring that the next chapter of our collective story is marked by prosperity and well-being.

As an economic engine for the state, the university and the 160,000 U alumni who reside here play a key role in the state’s success. Consider the unprecedented surge in engineering and technology sectors since the turn of this century, an exponential growth of more than fivefold compared to the national average. This surge contributed a remarkable 12-15 percent to Utah’s $200 billion economy in 2020 alone. The U has been a cornerstone of this expansion, producing a majority of the state’s engineering and computer science graduates. 

Another example is in health care, where we serve the people of Utah not only by providing patient care at our five hospitals and 11 community care centers but also by educating the workforce. The U trains two-thirds of Utah’s doctors and a host of other health professionals who serve as the backbone of our state’s health care systems. We’re also home to the state’s only medical, dental, and pharmacy schools and to Huntsman Cancer Institute and Huntsman Mental Health Institute.

And our reach extends even further. From the College of Fine Arts celebrating 75 years of inspiring creative minds to a resource that investigates and reports on drug shortages, the U is at the forefront of societal impact, weaving together vital advances, educational excellence, and community engagement.

I’m immensely proud of our alumni and the significant contributions you make to the fabric of Utah. Your achievements have propelled the University of Utah to the forefront of innovation and have been instrumental in driving growth and progress in our state. I look forward to the future, as we lead Utah into a new era of prosperity together.


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