A Decade of Growth

U research funding continues to soar, and FY23 broke all previous records by topping $750M

U research funding hit a record $768 million in fiscal year 2023. It was the tenth year in a row of annual increases, including a climb of well over $100 million since 2020, when it hit the $600 million mark, and a $500 million milestone in 2018. 

“To see that our research funding has hit another record year is a testament to our students, faculty, staff, and community partners’ commitment to bringing solutions to the societal issues of today and tomorrow,” says Erin Rothwell PhD’04, vice president for research.

As a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, the U is taking on the most critical challenges across many areas—from energy to food insecurity, and aerospace to cancer. In FY23, more than 3,000 grants were awarded to U principal investigators. 

Research funding is also a boon to the local economy. More than 8,300 employees are compensated by research dollars, and over the last three years, research has supported nearly $600 million in wages. 

President Taylor Randall HBA’90 says the now decade-long growth in research funding only solidifies the U’s status as a national and global leader in science and innovation. “Discoveries at the U are finding solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges, bringing hope to issues that seem unsolvable, and inspiring generations of future researchers,” says Randall. “Our goal of $1 billion in research support is within reach thanks to the passion, hard work, and dedication of the U’s research community.”


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