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Utah lacrosse goes Division I

Wow! Go Utes!! I was excited to hear about them stepping into NCAA DI lacrosse [“Crosse Fit,” Continuum, Spring 2019], and I’m excited for the future. I’ll continue to follow and one day perhaps will myself have a Ute playing in this program.


Love the U! Love lacrosse! A perfect match. Thanks, Coach Holman, for bringing the right spirit to the program. Go Utes!


Great article. I am excited about the Utes’ venture, and it’s great to see them lead the Pac-12. Hopefully, my grandkids who are now playing the game will get the opportunity to play for the Utes.

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U medical students recruit in rural Utah

I was very impressed with the article on the University of Utah’s UROP program to encourage rural students to study medicine [“Rural Roots,” Continuum, Spring 2019]. Thank you for the U’s advocacy.


We need more native doctors and nurses in rural communities, meaning the Navajo Nation. I appreciate planting a mustard seed in these youths’ minds to become a successful medical professional and to return to their roots with what they will learn.

Tips for picking a major

My advice for students is to take as many different classes as you can and remain open to pursuing areas that you find interesting [“Major Decisions,” Continuum, Spring 2019]. Then, start building a network in that area; talk to the professors, interview professionals, attend conferences. Many people will be willing to offer their time to mentor students. Then plan your courses with the help of counselors and look for summer internships to test your continued interest in the subject. If this is the major for you, great! If not, don’t be afraid to start the process again.

Dark skies in northern Utah, too

As spectacular as Utah’s rural red rock country is, with the national parks and pristine nighttime skies [“Dark Skies,” Continuum, Spring 2019], we need to remember there is also ample opportunity for excellent astro-tourism in Northern Utah. Antelope Island State Park is an IDA Dark Sky-designated park with equally stunning views of the Milky Way and the star-studded heavens. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of a dark sky and still be home in time for The Late Late Show.

Social Spotlight

On his Twitter page, Luke Skywalker himself shared the story of a prosthetic hand that allows the user to sense touch. Read more about how the U is developing this technology in A New Hope.

Survey Says

What’s your favorite Nintendo game series?

In honor of alum Doug Bowser, president at Nintendo of America, we asked U Twitter followers which Nintendo game series they like best. More than 1,300 folks chimed in, which isn’t surprising since 35 percent reported playing up to 10 hours of video games each week.


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