The Mural of the Story

Every kid is an artist. Some just stick with it while others don’t, says Trent Call BFA’04. Call is one of the few who hasn’t abandoned his paintbrushes. You may recognize some of his work from around Salt Lake. But unlike many painters, his pieces aren’t always on display in galleries or sold at auction. Instead, much of his art is larger than life. From paintings two stories tall on the sides of buildings to a piece covering a wall in a high-end California restaurant, Call is known for his colorful murals.

And it was a class at the U taught by Kim Martinez BFA’98 that helped him get his start. “Trent is extremely creative and is a master at putting forms and color together,” says Martinez, a professor of painting and drawing widely known for her own large-scale mural projects. “The way he uses humor in his work is wonderful. The perspective he takes is always unexpected, and that’s what makes it so strong.”

His high school art teacher Pat Eddington helped him prepare his portfolio so he could get a scholarship to the U. “I wouldn’t be where I am without him. I would’ve probably just kept skating and hanging out with my friends,” Call says. But even with the most talented and inspiring teachers, the creativity driving art still has to come from within. “In art school they teach you the basics and how to use the tools. But you have to figure out how to make it work for you and find yourself,” Call says. “No one can do that for you.”


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  1. What a credit to the school! Trent is incredibly talented and endlessly curious, but more importantly he’s one of the realest people out there.

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