News Highlights

Professional Aspirations

Elementary students from West Valley City got a taste of their dream careers at Imagine U Day.

Life after Death for the Human Eye

In a transformative discovery, scientists have revived light-sensing neuron cells in organ donor eyes.

In the Heights

The U’s climbing team is less than 10 years old but is already leading the nation and making waves internationally.

Postage Praise

U scientist Baldomero “Toto” Olivera was one of 10 selected for a set of commemorative stamps.

Business Creation Program Adding New Online Option

A nation-leading Master of Business Creation program is now offering an online option.

Study: Overconfidence in News Judgment Associated with False News Susceptibility

Individuals who falsely believe they can identify false news are more likely to fall victim to it, study finds.

Did Meat Make Us Human?

A new study challenges the theory that greater meat consumption led to larger brains in human ancestors.

Fall Sports Briefs

Alum named an MLB All-Star, success in spring sports, first baseman receives Golden Glove Award

Sundance Short Inspires with Story from U of U Health

Check out a short film produced by U of U Health that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.

Pet Tech

The results are real, but the pet is not: Study finds robotic animals useful for adults with dementia.

First Study of LGBT+ Physicists Reveals Red Flags

LGBT+ physicists face harassment that makes them leave the profession, new study finds.

Scientists Trace Earliest Cases of COVID-19 to Market in Wuhan, China

New findings confirm first cases of COVID-19 in humans arose from a market in Wuhan, China.

Sea Corals Found to Be Source of Anti-Cancer Compound

The bottom of the ocean is full of mysteries, but scientists have recently uncovered one of its best-kept secrets.

Fall 2022 News Roundup

New Chief Safety Officer, Fulbright scholar studies natural disasters in Tonga, colleges merge

Air Quality Art

Air is everywhere, but access to it isn’t equal. A new UMFA exhibit explores the impact of the air we breathe.