News Highlights

A Map for the College Journey

U Belong helps students navigate college complexities with resources, events, and a dedicated support system.

Enigmatic Particle Detected

U scientists are baffled by a cosmic particle originating from a seemingly empty void.

Utah’s New Health Landmark

Huntsman Cancer Institute is bringing cancer research and care closer to thousands with a planned facility in Utah County.

Transforming Student Success

The Student Success Hub empowers humanities students at the U with career resources and internship opportunities.

Summer 2024 News Roundup

Eboo Patel inspires graduates, new funding to address climate threats, win prizes with new U of U Plus platform.

U Research Seeks to Understand Medical Cannabis Benefits and Interactions

New research at the U explores the health benefits and risks of medical cannabis, aiming to fill knowledge gaps and guide care.

Utah Tourism by the Numbers

Utah's booming tourism sector brings significant economic benefits, according to new Gardner Policy Institute report.

Hatch Center Opens Doors for U Interns

The Orrin G. Hatch Center in Washington, D.C. is the new home for over 100 U students with internships around the city.

Salt Flats Surprise

New U research overturns old theories, showing the Bonneville Salt Flats' complex environmental history.

U Athletes Shine at Paris Olympics

Cheer on U athletes at the Summer Olympics as they compete for glory and set new records on the global stage.

Creating Breakthroughs in Mental Health

A new facility at the U will transform mental health research with a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach.

Largest-Ever Genetic Study of Suicide Finds New Risk Factors

A groundbreaking U study links genetic factors to suicide risks, paving the way for improved interventions.

Ancient Predators Uncovered

Researchers unveil a tyrannosaur that predates T. rex, reshaping our understanding of dinosaur evolution.

Summer Thrives at Red Butte Garden

Red Butte is your home for the summer with classes like yoga, tai chi, scenic strolls, and concerts.