Distribution and Demographics


Published quarterly, The University of Utah Magazine currently distributes about 280,000 copies annually (Winter, Spring, and summer issues to about 55,000 households each, and Fall to around 115,000). Recipients of the magazine reside primarily along the Wasatch Front (from Ogden to Salt Lake City to Provo) and the Intermountain West. Each issue also goes to a slice of alumni in other parts of the country, to reach all at least once a year. Regularly, the magazine specifically targets alumni near our active chapters in Arizona, Atlanta, California, Chicago, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New England, New York, Oregon, Southern Utah, Texas, Washington, and Washington, D.C.

The University of Utah Magazine also has several distribution racks on the University of Utah campus in an effort to get the magazine in the hands of campus visitors, University of Utah students, unsubscribed faculty/staff, and other nonsubscribers on and visiting campus. Several hundred copies of each issue are picked up there.


  • All alumni around the country at least once a year, and particularly alumni along the Wasatch Front (generally more than one issue a year per household).
  • Around 6,000 dues-paying members (primarily alumni) of the Alumni Association, who receive all four issues of the magazine as a benefit of membership. In addition to member dues, their support of the university is frequently demonstrated by their annual giving to the Alumni General Scholarship Fund (through U of U license plates, the annual Homecoming 5K, the Homecoming golf scramble, and other avenues).
  • Staff and faculty subscribers, including those at the University Hospital and Clinics and the medical research and health sciences departments
  • Select Utah state legislators and government officials
  • Select physicians’ offices and clinics throughout the Wasatch Front
  • University friends, supporters, and donors
  • Many thousands of University of Utah graduates who are neither members of the Alumni Association nor employees of the university. Like The University of Utah Magazine readers overall, this group is composed of well-educated professionals representing a range of age groups and diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

Most Recent Readership Profile

Average total household income:


Persons per household:


Educational background:

90% of The University of Utah Magazine readers hold baccalaureate degrees
32.8% of The University of Utah Magazine readers hold a graduate degree
25.4% of The University of Utah Magazine readers hold doctoral degrees

Top Five Graduating Colleges of The University of Utah Magazine Readers

Social & Behavioral Sciences


  • 96.1 percent of The University of Utah Magazine readers are alumni
  • Readers who earn $135,000 or more per annum read The University of Utah Magazine more than readers in lower income categories
  • More than 50 percent of readers cite The University of Utah Magazine as their primary source of information about events and activities at the University of Utah (with many more noting it as in their top sources)

Readers’ Lifetime Giving History to the U of U

Up to $1,000 71%
Up to $10,000 21%
Up to $60,000 5%
Up to $200,000 2%
$200,000 to $5 million 1%